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DeaconEats offers the greatest selection of your favorite Restaurants


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Get to or from the best of your neighborhood's restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more.

With DeaconEats, connect with your local, on-demand delivery or pickup from restaurants. Get what you need faster with quick and easy ordering.

Order directly to your office, Mini Cite, Apartment, school or hotel rooms


Get Your Food delivered directly to you Door steps, Without contact. Pay online now using Deacon Pay or Mobile money


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Order and pay for your food and have it delivered to you at your preferred Time with DeaconEats.




See when your food will arrive, see who is your delivery man, DeaconEats is well tailored to keep you informed about every updates regarding you and your food.


Get Pdf Receipts.

Get pdf receipts for all your transactions on Deaconeats.

Order food for a school or company event and get Easy receipts for easy Taxation.



Pay easily with DeaconPay, Mobile money . Choose when to pay. Pay upon Delivery or pay Directly with DEACON PAY


DeaconEats is a software as a service Brought to you in French, English and ARABIC Languages.

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